For some odd reason I have the desire to memorize every line in Shakespeare just so I can use his writing in conversations. He was an absolute genius. It is almost as if the whole English language bends at his will merely so he can use it. Every time I am able to extract some … More

That deceptive criminal who undid my lock the other day is yet to be detected. I will catch him/her though, just you wait, I will have my retribution. Anyways, besides my frivolous pursuit for this person, I had my first behind the wheel training with this really nice guy after swimming today for a good … More

So some rascal must have thought it was funny to take my lock off of my locker in the swimming locker room. I walk in today, along with the basketball and wrestling team (suspects) and I see my lock off of my locker, locked on another locker. I was frightened at first, but then I … More

Winter is beginning to take its icy grasp on western PA. We are finally waking up to the reality of why most people don’t like it here, but I couldn’t be happier. First off, the snow gives the landscape a very unrefined, calm appearance that for some reason people don’t seem to appreciate. Secondly, weather … More

If I am ever a famous writer, I don’t see any reason why I would ever want to not reply to fan mail. I suppose if you get REALLY famous then it would be sort of allowable, but even then, I think I would make my best effort. Not to mention I would be absolutely … More

Well my alarm clock somehow managed to get set an hour forward this morning so I’m kinda just sitting here blogging at quarter till 6 in the morning. Maybe this is how I need to start my days for now on. It gets my mind going and wakes me up, which is a valuable resource … More

Im going to have to get more accustomed to blogging on the go. My life just doesn’t accommodate all of the luxuries of having free time and frivolous endeavors such as those. Today marked the final day I had to endure Health class which, although I did learn things, could have been spent taking another … More

There really is no other sensation like your skin constantly burning from prolonged exposure to chlorine. It’s itchy, dry, and pretty much a nuisance in general. People must be wondering things like: “Gee, I wonder why that kid is furiously scratching himself, I wonder if he needs help”. But ya, in other news I just … More

So to kick off my post midterm weekend, I had swim practice this morning. Swimming wasn’t the worst of my problems today, however, because I had to go to a doctors office directly afterward because I told my mom I had a cough. What is ironic is how, even though I was driving, she still … More

This week has been awful. Lets just compare it to a competitive run. I started out with a nice easy jog ya know just trottin’ along feeling good, but after I started more into it, I start to get tired, and I continue to get progressively tired as I continue where at the end of … More