New Beginning

After giving my old blog some thought, I have decided that it was finally time for it to retire. It was well lived, topping out at my long term goal, 1000 page views, and I thank the crazy souls out there who find reading this type of thing entertaining. The ideas and themes, I felt, were becoming somewhat stale, so I decided, what better time to start a new blog than New Year’s Day! 

Sickness is beginning to take hold of me, just as it has captivated a large majority of the rest of the population during this winter season. All I can do is sit back and enjoy the ride, because I’m not a HUGE fan of taking medicine, but if circumstances present themselves, I will take some if it is necessary. So there is that, as well as a project that I have yet to start thanks to my outstanding ability to procrastinate, and the final revisions of a research paper, which is so boring and bland compared to creative and personal writing such as this. These problems go wonderfully with swimming every morning, but I am beginning to accept this watery fate more and more for some reason, which I should, it is a fate I brought upon myself.
So, the New Years Resolution. This, for many people, is a gateway to new ways of acting and thinking, however, but this seed of hope is usually lead into the infertile ground, and there it lays, itching for nourishment. This was a pretty good representation of the final times of my last blog, just kind of sitting there, waiting for my attention. I have decided to part take in this Resolution for myself, and the only thing I wish to do is read more. This, as well as maintain my grades, of course, is what I am going to strive for this 2014 year. I wouldn’t mind to try to make the promise to write in this blog more, but I feel that would be a promise not well kept, and false promises are something I do not wish to be a proponent of. Anyways, I wish you a happy New Year, and may the stars watch over you.

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