This weather needs to make up its mind. Although we have quite a bit of snow, I do not think it has snowed for more than 15 consecutive minutes. Nevertheless, I am grateful for this snowy weather, just like a number of other athletes should be, because it add some pizazz to whatever kind of monotonous lifestyle you may live, which for most people includes a slight break in practices.

Towards the end of Christmas break, despite the wonderful chances to do nothing but lay around, I started to become quite irritable. This irritability, I later learned, was derived from the very thing that breaks from school create, doing nothing. It turns out I am better off having something like school work to keep me occupied, and using whatever time I have off for my free time. I will probably regret saying that when mid-terms come around in 2 weeks, but for the time being, I feel that is probably correct.

I can not wait for track to start. This whole being in the water thing is not working out for me to well, and I would like to be back to the place bipedal humanoids are supposed to be. The only downside to track is that the weather is still very cold when the season begins, and I have REALLY bad circulation in my feet, and well, in the rest of my body in general, so running in the cold isn’t really my thing. When it warms up, though, I will again be back to glorious running. I went for a run yesterday because I was bored and sick, and when those thing are mixed, it caused extreme irritability, and running is the best thing to clear a person’s mind, and for the record, it worked like a boss. I felt 100% better after running, and it also made me miss the good ol’ days of cross country. Well, homework calls, so see ya.

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