Many people underestimate the importance of personal failure. It is what drives us to better ourselves, and to most, it is that proverbial slap to the face that says: “You need to to stop relying on natural talent and actually work towards things”. Failure, even in the smallest measures, is what drives us to achieve our goals in life, because without it, the world would be filled with a bunch of slackers. The realization of doing something not as well as you had hoped or not being able to do it at all is crucial to development in whatever skill you should pursue. So get out there and fail a few times, you will probably appreciate it when you don’t mess up on something that actually counts!

If you have never checked out this song April Showers by proleteR, here is a link:  it a rather chill song made by an artist that probably isn’t known to many people.

I got my supplies for my project, which consist of a large piece of paper and a black Sharpie, and now all I have to do is get to it. I’m going to draw the symbol for a group called The Society of Jesus, and hopefully my teacher accepts the whole drawing thing, or else that could end up quite badly. It doesn’t straight up say you can’t draw for the project, but I’m hoping it isn’t something that is frowned upon.

Well, gotta get to work, or maybe wait for awhile and play some Civ5 but either way, I hope to at least get started on this darn project today.

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