There are, just as there are for many people, things that you just do not enjoy. The more common things that people may dislike are duties like doing the dishes or taking out the trash, and while I agree with those, shopping, especially for clothes, is something that is a huge chore for me. First off, I dislike spending money unless it is something I really want or something I need, and considering I probably have enough t-shirts to dress an entire third world village, dressing is not really a huge concern for me unless it appealing, which a large majority of clothing isn’t. It might just be that I only like clothes shopping by myself, which I have yet to do, or that it is just a task I will never really take a fancy to. Anyways, I went clothes shopping today, and I only got 2 things which my mother insisted I got because I guess she feels bad that she is getting my brother all of this stuff, and I’m over here like: “I want Magic cards”.

I have delved into my project which is due Thursday, and I am hoping that this major winter front coming in will cancel school or something, because then that would give me time to procrastinate. Wait, that’s not right. 
Well, gotta go chip away at this project, so see ya!

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