‘Tis a great day. School went as usual, what with the writing and the reading and the fatigue, and right around the end of the day, the student body attentively listened as the “Beep beep beep beep!” of the overhead system ran through the school, and with it, the declaration of school being cancelled tomorrow, and also a 2 hour delay Wednesday. To make it even better, no practice today, and no meet tomorrow, which means 2 whole days without swimming! Personally, as a superintendent, I probably would have just had a 2 hour delay tomorrow, because really, there are schools all around the nation dealing with the same exact thing, but with way more snow, and they probably still have school, but I am very thankful that this is not the case for us.

This break will probably foster a great deal of laying around and hopefully sled riding, but I do have to reserve time for doing my project, so there is that. Well, gonna go bask in the glorious aura of freedom, so until next time.

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