I am again faced with the problem of having nothing to do but this project that constantly scrapes at the back of my mind. I indulge in its efforts every so often, but I can’t seem to stick with it for a large amount of time. It didn’t strike me how much this temperature really doesn’t matter except for the diesel buses, which leads me to believe that a two-hour delay would have been more than fine for out district. It is actually quite nice outside, and if it weren’t so cold, I would be out there enjoying the sun, but I am trapped in here, only to be entertained by this project.

I am going on a ski trip this weekend with Ski Club, and I am seriously considering investing in some gear. I have a board, and I just need some boots, bindings, and a helmet. These are not petty costs by any means, and thus I am in a predicament. If you figure, I will be in Ski Club the rest of high school, and I will probably go on around 2-3 trips each year, so that is approximately $75 per trip so max, would be $675 for high school. Not to mention not having to wait in line for 1-2 hours each trip, and the convenience of merely having your own stuff.

Well, I am again in a sort of poor mood thanks to the sitting around and what not, so I am going to go for a run again. Wish me luck.

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