The time of the year has arrived where nearly every passing moment of my life when I am not doing school work or swimming, contains school work. I can not stop thinking about school, because if I do, I will loose the oily grip on my schedule and how the next week, midterms, will unfold. I must say, though, it is quite entertaining. For instance, we went out after out swim meet, which we dominated in, by the way, and I was studying for this one class before my food came, and the server guy looked at me like he just saw some sort of apparition sublimating out of my forehead, and he asked me if I was studying, and it took all of my mental strength not to reply in a very sardonic and brutally sarcastic way, so I just replied how any other kid who cares about his education (This person obviously did not) with a blank stare, and “Yup”. So ya, that is how things go right around now.

I have this dilemma which is that this time focusing on school is not giving me enough time to read. I am forced, then, at the mercy of my book, to read in that intermediate stage when you are in bed, but aren’t actually asleep, which leads to some problems the next day, considering I wake up at 5:30am every morning, which sucks, but you get used to it after awhile. Anyways, hopefully I can keep blogging, because even though I am almost certain no one reads this, talking to yourself is healthy, right?

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