Today I experienced something that doesn’t really happen all to often for me. So, I was just sitting there in Networking class, the lights were off, we were going through a presentation about wiring horizontal cabling in buildings, and I was VERY tired. The thing is, I didn’t fall asleep, because that would be very disrespectful, and it wasn’t like this stuff was boring, I was just tired, but I went into this dazed middle state where my eyes were on the precipice of falling into sleep and managing to stay open at the same time. Before I knew it, the class was over, and I was off to French, but once there I realized something: I had just zoned out of that  entire class. I had almost no recollection of it despite the fact I was there last period, and I could have swore I wasn’t that zoned out. It was actually a great experience, but not something that I would want to do every period, especially this close to midterms. I tried the method in French, but despite my efforts, I could not muster it.

So I stayed after school for this review thing for my World Cultures class, and to tell you the truth, it gets me kind of annoyed. Not the teacher or the material, but some people in it who apparently think that if you shout out every answer before the teacher finishes the question that you are some sort of superstar genius or something, we all know what the answer is, and I’m sitting there like: You have your notebook open to the place where she was going over the material, and for some reason you think that this obnoxious shouting of answers places you at some sort of higher level above the rest of us. It really gets me going, but ya know, you just have to deal with things like that sometimes. Anyways, I didn’t get out of much swimming because of it, but when I got to swimming, I realized that I forgot my textbooks at the school, and I ran back to the school to get them (Its not very far) and then I went to swim practice. It was quite the ordeal. Well, I am looking forward to finally getting to play Magic tonight, so for all of those of the approximate time zone, enjoy your weekend!

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