I am alive. I have survived the first day of the dreaded mid terms. From the time I woke up, I was doing nothing but memorizing countless terms and words and equations over and over in my head, in hopes that one may arise when it needs to when the time comes. I don’t think I did to shabby, and I certainly don’t think I failed anything, but I will have to wait and see I suppose.

I probably should be studying for tomorrow’s session of tests, but I had to organize some of my Magic cards and blog and stuff. Anyways, today was most certainly the toughest, which worries me because it was a lot easier than I expected. Perhaps the devils of midterms lie within the electives. Yet another thing that I will just have to wait and see.

Our coach is being a tad bit easier on us this week because of mid terms, but we still had practice despite the fact we got out early. That was a buzzkill in my opinion, because after a good 3-4 hours of doing nothing but sitting in a crouched position hanging over the fate of your GPA, it takes a toll on you. Besides, I think I sweat more during the tests than I did at practice. Something that really gets to me is when people who don’t do sports or anything that consumes after school time complain about not having enough time to do anything. How about we can switch spots and you can go swim after school every day and on every Saturday morning and I can sit at home and study? Ya, that would be great, but I think it builds character to be challenged, which is why student athletes everywhere should be congratulated. I bring this fate upon myself, and sure, it does have a plethora of disadvantages, but the joy of success increases seven-fold when you know that you have overcome all of these other obstacles to get to where you are now.

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