So to kick off my post midterm weekend, I had swim practice this morning. Swimming wasn’t the worst of my problems today, however, because I had to go to a doctors office directly afterward because I told my mom I had a cough. What is ironic is how, even though I was driving, she still managed to get me to go. Never underestimate the power. Anyways, I went in, sat in the waiting room with a bunch of other people who were actually sick, and finally I go in. I do the usual, give the height and weight and watch the confused expressions of the doctor as  he/she puts the blood pressure reader (I am sure there is a technical name for it) around my obscenely thin bicep. Afterwards, I am directed to go an sit and wait again, and finally, someone attends to us. After checking my breathing maybe 4-5 times and listening to my heart, she somehow managed to conclude I have a thing called bronchospasms. What I got from it was that it is another name for a cough. I had to get this chest X-ray and breathe this stuff in for 15 min. straight, and after all of that, I still do not see the point of the visit. I just really hope it isn’t anything serious, so I guess it is good that we went just to make sure, because without sports, especially cross country, I couldn’t imagine life ever being normal again. Well, I have to look forward to going to a party tonight, but for now I am obligated to clean. Happy weekend!

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