There really is no other sensation like your skin constantly burning from prolonged exposure to chlorine. It’s itchy, dry, and pretty much a nuisance in general. People must be wondering things like: “Gee, I wonder why that kid is furiously scratching himself, I wonder if he needs help”. But ya, in other news I just got bombarded by a stinkbug, which, despite their large population, still manage to frighten me and must find it amusing to fly into my face. There is literally every other place in this house, no, in western Pennsylvania, that it could be flying, but my face must have seemed pretty appealing to it.

On another note, happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day! I got to sleep in for a bit today before I had swim practice at 2 in the afternoon, which wasn’t at all an inconveniently placed time or anything. I can’t really blame my coach, though, its not like I had anything else to do today and endorphins don’t hurt, so ya.
I am starting to scare myself. I am starting to think of things as though I were writing them. Say I was looking out of the window. I would begin to evaluate and analyze my surroundings and then start to come up with sentences in my head and put them together into a fluent description. It is a wonderful thing, but I don’t really know how to respond to it, even if it doesn’t happen 24/7. I wonder if it will continue to grow or if it is just a mental trend, but only time will tell I suppose. Hopefully I can use this to improve my atrocious writing and improve the quality of this blog, or perhaps write something more in depth such as a story, but we will see. Anyways, have a great week and a shout out to the boys varsity swimming team for their meet tomorrow.

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