Im going to have to get more accustomed to blogging on the go. My life just doesn’t accommodate all of the luxuries of having free time and frivolous endeavors such as those. Today marked the final day I had to endure Health class which, although I did learn things, could have been spent taking another more useful class. Anyways,  the exodus of Health class ushers in the beginning of gym class, which I am extremely happy about. It will add a much needed session of worry-free exercise,  which people often take for granted. I am trying to get my school to let me take an online course instead of study hall. It really would be the least they could do considering they condemned me to a schedule without computer aided drafting II this year, after looking forward to a nice 4 years of CAD. Im not going to lie, the study hall was nice, but it really does just give me a reason to procrastinate.
I was almost certain that my lung collapsed today during swim practice. Those bronceospams are really annoying, and sitting here I still cant take a deep breath without coughing, which gets annoying.
When I was in networking today, I mentioned my blog to this one kid I sit by. He pointed out that most people dont care about my life and that there are cats that have more successful blogs than me. He is quite the interesting person, as you can tell. It did get me thinking,  though. I realized that, for one, he is probably right about the cat thing, and also, he may also be right about the lack of interest. Although he may be right, I treat this as more of a great way to practice my writing than anything. If people enjoy it, that is a great bonus which I do strive for, perhaps a bit more than is necessary, but I do want people to enjoy this, to take a temporary reprieve from their lives and read about a bunch of random stuff, and perhaps learn something in the meantime. That being said,  it just occurred to me how long this entry is, and there is some sort of toleration limit,  which I don’t intend to break, so until next time!

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