That deceptive criminal who undid my lock the other day is yet to be detected. I will catch him/her though, just you wait, I will have my retribution. Anyways, besides my frivolous pursuit for this person, I had my first behind the wheel training with this really nice guy after swimming today for a good 2 hours I would say. I drove this very petite blue car with STUDENT DRIVER splattered across every visible side just in case people wanted to know. I thought it would be kind of awkward sitting in a car with this guy for an extended period of time, but it wasn’t that bad.

So I guess my coach thought it would be a jolly good idea to have practice before our meet tomorrow. Never before had this been done, I don’t think, in the history of Hopewell Varsity Swimming, and just when people are trying to qualify for WPIALs and MACs, he decides to throw in a practice, where after we will be fed a minuscule amount of food, and then, after all of that grandeur, we will compete. Strategic coaching at its best.

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