WPIALs 2014

The glorious finale of this Sophomore swim season. Overall,  I had a great time with a bunch of great people and I look forward to next year! Go Vikings!

Day two of WPIALs is here. I decided I had some time this morning to do some blogging, to get my mental muscles stretching before this long day begins. Hopewell did great at yesterday’s WPIALs, and now has a 200 Medley Relay going to states, as well as at least one individual person going. I … More

It is over. I have survived Sophomore swimming season. What in the world am I going to do with all of this free time? After WPIALs tomorrow and Friday, what will I do on my Saturday mornings, or after school until 5:30 when I get home? Run. Run and blog. This is my gameplan for … More

Ahh, the struggles of having two blogs. It is a peculiar thing. I almost feel as if the blogs are actual human beings with feelings and if I blog on one, I have to blog on the other. I wouldn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings here, now would I? Anyways, tomorrow is my last day … More

I have decided that I very much like Tumblr. I veer away from saying I LOVE Tumblr, but I most certainly enjoy what it has to offer. I am very tempted to try WordPress, but I will wait until I have a bit more free time if I want to undergo a triple blog challenge, … More


I have created a Tumblr account. If you would be interested to take a visit to that page, it would be most appreciated, but keep in mind I still have no firm idea of every mechanic involved with it, so ya. http://www.gregnero33.tumblr.com As a brief overview of what I have learned in the 5 min … More Tumblr

So while doing my morning browsing of the social networks this morning, I came across a meme about Tumblr. Its main idea was that Tumblr is better than Blogger. To be honest, I still really have no clue what Tumblr is, I guess it is some sort of blog site, (I know, I know, I … More

Well, the dodge-ball tournament was an overall success in my opinion. Our team came in third, which isn’t half bad for a bunch of uncoordinated swimmers who just had practice. I took my fair share of hits, and I only got a handful of people out, if that, but all in all it was a … More

Tomorrow is a big day. Not only do I have a test in a substantially large class, but more importantly, the dodge-ball tournament is tomorrow. Yes, you read it correctly, I am in a dodge-ball tournament. It is a fundraiser for the freshmen class in our school, and I think it will turn out very … More

So I walk into practice today, and I see my coach writing today’s workout. For some peculiar reason, however, he kept up yesterday’s workout, the day school was cancelled but we still had VOLUNTARY practice. I kinda look at him, and he points to the workout that was previously on the board, and says with … More