Week-long Challenge: Favorite Mythical Creatures

I had to. I am sorry for those folks out there who aren’t the nerdy fantasy type like I am, but I just had to throw something in the challenge about mythical stuffs. Anyways, now for the actual topic at hand, my favorite mythical creatures. Notice the plural. I had creature, but then I realized that I might give myself a headache trying to decide, so although I will keep the list limited, it will include more than one of the mythical beasts.

I was torn between the dragon and the phoenix. I have had an extreme love for dragons since I was a kid, looking over this Dragonology book like it was my bible, studying ever page, memorizing every footprint of these mystical beasts, so when I found out that dragons didn’t exist, I was more depressed than when I found out that Santa Clause wasn’t real (Spoiler Alert). I was heartbroken, which is probably why I still have this mental link with anything dragon related. I have seen dragons depicted as both ferocious, savage beasts, and also wise, but friendly creatures, but I do prefer the latter, probably because deep down within me, I still wish dragons were real and I might see one for myself and live to tell about it one day. I know, this sounds really lame, but ya know, its what I do, nor do I really care because while other kids were watching cute friendly cartoons as a child, I devoted to the world of dragons and magic and great things like that, so I mean you missed the train if your childhood wasn’t like that.

Now for the phoenix. Although my interest in these birds of fire developed later, I always loved what they stood for: rebirth. The concept of being a bird and being any creature of the air fascinated me already, but  if you throw in some beautiful crimson red feathers, and the fact that when you die you erupt in a frenzy of fire and then are again born of your ashes, well heck, you got yourself a great creature.

In the final analysis, after spilling my thoughts onto the screen, if you had to pin me for my favorite mythical creature, I would have to go with the dragon. Its feral, wise, and majestic beauty are unparalleled by others, and it takes the crown as my favorite mythical creature.

Well, I hoped you enjoyed the first day of this Week-long Challenge, and hope you come back tomorrow for yet some more Mindless Chatter!

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