Week-long Challenge: In-Depth Analysis of the Color Green

The color of life. Green arouses feelings of plants, trees, forests, and other living and natural things. It is a stark opposite of red, which is its opposite on the color wheel, and if you delve deeper into green’s calm and relaxed hue, you will find it is also mentally opposite of the color red. It has a wavelength of 510 nm and is the fourth color of the rainbow if you are going from red up the spectrum.

I have found that if you really look for a particular color in one day, like I was doing today for green, you will discover many interesting things about it. For the most part, I analyzed peoples’ clothes and how they complimented their form (not to be creepy, but for the pure purpose of analytic research *cough*). For some people, green works absolutely perfect on them, and gives off a mental aura of chillness and relaxation, but also the feeling of being aware, which is where green is different from blue. Blue may give a relaxed feeling, but it lacks to give a refreshing relaxed feeling (depending on the hue of blue, but I will spare this explanation for I think you can see where I’m coming from), similar to the feeling of just getting out of the shower and the air is thick and annoying because you forgot to turn the fan on. Green is like taking a shower and exiting to a nice, refreshing breath of cool, clear air that leaves you feeling aware and awake. On the other side of clothing for green, there are those people who really don’t work well with it. I felt that if you are wearing a darker green and you are obsessively tan, it just does not work that well. That is another point, the shades of green, which deserves a whole other paragraph to explain.

You have many kinds of greens. The light, exciting green that gives your brain a jolt of energy and excitement when you behold it, the regular medium-hue green that for the most part triggers the same effects as the darker, pine tree green that resembles a deeply rooted life-force such as one a aged spruce tree might display. The shades of green can, in theory, represent the actual life cycle. As a youth, you are a bright, almost yellow green, full of excitement but obvious apathy for sorrowful things, but as you age and the color ripens to a mellow-er green, you take on the medium standard Crayola Crayon green, and that would represent your pinnacle of athleticism and endurance, but as you age even further, and become wiser, you become the darker green that will slowly continue to fade into blackness as inevitable death approaches. You really can learn a lot from colors.

If you play the game Magic: The Gathering, you may also develop another line of feelings for this color. The color green, in Magic, represents the feral and ferocious side of woodland creatures, and is often a very powerful and distinguished color in this game, so I figured I’d throw that out there as well.

Whew. I really did not think that I would be able to muster up that much about green. There is probably some more I could do, if I really tried and reached for some lengthy meanings, but to save you your sanity,  I will sever it there. I hope that you now have a deeper appreciation for the color green, and perhaps look into smaller things like these, because trust me, surprises lie within petty topics such as these, and writing about things that are very thin in the informational and representational aspect pose a nice challenge. Well, until tomorrow readers!

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