Week-long Challenge: Love

So, I kid you not, when I started to make the outline for this week’s challenge on Sunday, I had no idea that I put love for Valentine’s Day. I found that way more amusing than should be acceptable, but anyways, moving on to the blog!

The difficult part about writing about love is that it is about as mystifying as a cross between a unicorn and a wildebeest. You can get good grades in school, you can be an academic expert, but I feel like in order to unravel the secrets behind what love truly is, it takes experience, a thing that I desperately  lack in this field. I am sure you have deduced that I am not much of a virtuoso when it comes to wooing people, a large portion of it going to the fact that I am a 16 year old boy (Who actually JUST got licensed!!!) who blogs regularly. Not exactly what the ladies are looking for in a person. Anyways, I speak of romantic love, which differs from the other stem of love, the love for your family and those whom you care about, if you get what I’m saying.

As for romantic love. This will be a short section, because although I would like to claim I have been in love with people before, I know that I am probably just being childish, and it probably just a phase, but like I said, I can’t say for sure. Love is something that you hear regularly about this time of year, and particularly this day, and the digital and verbal remnants of all of these people who have developed a somewhat stable relationship are strewn around, which is depressing sometimes, but then I realize that that day will come sometime or another, and I have to just wait. Anyways, before I start ranting about this whole relationship thing, I will stop as to save you your sanity.

Now, on to the other forms of love. You can love food, you can love your dog, you can love gaming, you can love nature, you can love writing, you can love being lazy, the list goes on and on. There is a difference, however, in the kind of love you share for family. Family is the bedrock upon which the ability to partake in romantic love thrives from. Without being accustomed to having feelings of care and thankfulness for ones that are blood relatives,  how can we wish to progress further?

Well, I will admit, that was awful. I am having a bit of a writer’s block at this moment, probably because my brain is full of other things, and because I am horrible at writing about this subject, but I hoped you enjoyed it, however awful it may be! Have a happy Valentine’s Day and may both romantic love and the other loves out there be at your favor!

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