Week-long Challenge: The Interpretation of Losing

Losing is inevitable. We can not escape it so why should we worry about it? There will always be those times when you fall, there will always be someone better than you, but until we are better than losing,  it will blind us from what we are really trying to accomplish. Nervousness is born of this fear of losing, so if and when this egg of fear hatches, as does all of the pent up nervousness that has been built inside of us. And that is the beauty of it. Being nervous about anything,  whether it is losing, talking to someone, or doing something you aren’t comfortable with is what gives us that exillerating rush when the event unfolds.

Throughout my years of being an athlete and student,  I have lost more times than I would like to admit. A large portion of these losses are contributed to losing to myself. When I disappoint the goals I had in mind and didnt do as well as I expected, those are the worst kinds of losses. Those are also the ones I learn from the most, however. Losing is a foundation on which we build new ways of thought from, and without falling, rising isnt nearly as satisfactory.

There is one thing to keep in mind, however. It is a very childish statement, but I have found that it works exceptionally well: Have fun. It is absolutely important to give whatever you are doing your best, but without enjoying it, it becomes very miserable. For Instance, I just spent 7 hours at a swim meet where I only swam 2 events. I can honestly say that I had a great time, and now that swimming is coming to an end, I am very glad I decided to do it. It was a rough journey, but without challenging yourself, how can we expect to improve.

Well that it is! This edition of the Week-long Challenge is at a close, and I again apologize for the lack of grammatical creativity, because I worked on this on the bus ride up and I am now finishing on the bus ride home, so I hope you enjoyed it!

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