Finally beginning to fill out the pages for acquiring a parking permit for my school. I find it very unsettling that they can still charge full price for only having half a year’s worth of school parking, but I guess my school can use all the money it can get, to purchase some new network supplies and upgrades which we desperately need before we start to sink into the stone ages.

This is my next to last week of swimming for this season. I hope. If it is, I should probably try to enjoy as much of it as possible, because it has occurred to me that this will probably be the best year for us Sophomores, considering that we will be letting go all of the seniors we have grown so closely to. It is a sad time, but at least we start tapering for real soon.

It is outstanding how much money I drop into buying Magic cards. The look on the cashiers face when they see someone like a 16 year old boy at the checkout line with a bunch of Magic cards is priceless, so I guess it kind of makes up for it. It has become a passion, something that I am certain I will always continue to do and collect, even into my older ages. Who cares if it is weird, because as far as I am concerned, it is one of the best games ever created.

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