So I walk into practice today, and I see my coach writing today’s workout. For some peculiar reason, however, he kept up yesterday’s workout, the day school was cancelled but we still had VOLUNTARY practice. I kinda look at him, and he points to the workout that was previously on the board, and says with a very venomous tone “There is YOUR workout.” I almost lost it, but my anger subsided when I realized that if I really wanted to come to practice yesterday, all I would of had to do was ask someone from the swim team to drive 15 minutes out to where I live just to pick me up and bring me to practice and back. I could have drove as well, but I’m not really into risking my health, or on a lesser note my car, just so I could come to practice (Sarcasm). But ya, there was 4 of us that didn’t show up, so we swam in a separate lane and did the previous day’s workout. That made the practice a little bit more interesting I suppose.

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