Tomorrow is a big day. Not only do I have a test in a substantially large class, but more importantly, the dodge-ball tournament is tomorrow. Yes, you read it correctly, I am in a dodge-ball tournament. It is a fundraiser for the freshmen class in our school, and I think it will turn out very nicely profit wise for them, so they have my congratulations, considering our class is in a deep financial crisis right now, and we desperately need money. Anyways, if you are part of this great tournament, or if you are interested in just coming to check it out, be at Hopewell High School at 6:00pm tomorrow night to see some kids get whacked with dodge-balls! I will be reppin’ the team: “Swimdad60”. It is a massive inside joke from our swim team (the team I am on is varsity boys swimming) that would be useless to explain, so I mean just go with the flow! No pun intended there if you were interpreting it as the flow of water, but then now I guess it was an intended pun if I look back at it, well anyways wish us luck!

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