It is approaching that dangerous point in the school year when I start to care less and less about school. This year absolutely flew by, except for those few select moments where it felt as if I was an old crippled man with arthritis swimming in a pool of molasses, but otherwise, it glided by. … More

Long story short: this past week sucked. I would explain how horrific it was, but that would just stir up bad memories, memories that have to remain at rest for the time being. It all pretty  much revolved around that blasted radio. *Shivers*   Anyways, the weekend is finally here for us Hopewell folk, and … More

You know, I have been considering this whole carpe diem thing, and I have come to a conclusion: carpe diem is to much work. I know this seems kind of odd to say, but I think life should be varied. Life is like a fruit salad. Wait, no, what am I even saying right now. … More

I guess I expected to be a little bit sad when stage crew was over, but not as sad as I was. I don’t cry for sentimental things to often, seeing how often I am exposed to sport banquets with seniors and what not, but for some reason, I was very disappointed that musical was … More

So yesterday was the first show! I believe we sold out on the FIRST night, which is outstanding, and everything went rather smoothly backstage, except for the fact that we ran out of carbon dioxide for the transformation of the beast into the prince, so we relied only on the blinding lights for that, so … More

So I need to build a radio. For one of my projects coming up, I am doing the man Guglielmo Marconi, the man credited with inventing the radio. It would be able to get started on this thing, except I need a Germanium Diode which isn’t what you would call readily available at your local … More

Day two of tech week is over. I managed to get out of two days of not going to track and just running by myself, but thanks to whoever it was who told my coach that I could actually be running with track, I now have school, track till four, a brief 2 hours to … More

Well, tomorrow is the beginning of Tech Week. I doubt I am ready for this, but its coming is inevitable. In order to prepare for the play, Stage Crew, along with the cast, pretty much devote their entire lives to this play, the most taxing of the preparations being Tech Week. Staying after school everyday … More

My Friends

I cherish this video. This is pretty much everything about my group of friends in one, very nice motion picture, thanks to +Zachary Schuller. You guys are the best, and I wish we could hang out more often, but ya know, that whole life thing kinda gets in the way. Thanks for all the great times, … More My Friends