So at Stage Crew today… We were just kinda hanging around waiting for the run-through to start and this girl is kind of panicking about something. Turns out, she needs one of her costumes (which happens to be a whisk) from out in front of the stage without the director seeing her. I cant say exactly why she couldn’t just walk up to it and pick it up, or just wait for her to leave where she was, but nevertheless, the director was standing right next to this massive costume. This is where the weird stuff begins. Some people start brainstorming about how to get this thing, and she throws out the idea of someone putting on a dress and distracting her while she goes to retrieve it. This is where I come in. We were postulating about who would be willing to put this dress on, and somehow it got to me, and I was offered cash to do it, but I still refused. This was in vain, because I was somehow cornered, lifted into the air, and then had the dress put on me by a crew of people who were not very successful in donning the dress on my body. At this point, anyone who had any sort of camera were taking pictures, so I kinda went with it, considering there was no turning back. I remembered the original purpose for this whole ordeal, and it became even more apparent when I look around to see the director standing right behind me, with a look of amusement and confusion as I pretend to figure out how to put the dress on properly to stall time so that this girl can get her whisk. It was also very coincidental to see how as soon as the plan was unfolding to distract the director, she leaves her post, leaving me in a dress, and wondering what I am doing with my life at that point. Long story short, I made an easy ten bucks and helped someone out, even if there were a multitude of easier ways out of it, but you know what they say, its not where you’re going, it’s how you get there.

There is something I don’t really like about quotes like that,t hey aren’t original. Without experiencing something, you can never fully understand what a quote is referring to, so making mistakes and embarrassing yourself sometimes can pay off in the long run. I would rather make stupid mistakes now when I am younger than later on in life when it really matters, because as you grow older, so do the consequences.

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