Day two of tech week is over. I managed to get out of two days of not going to track and just running by myself, but thanks to whoever it was who told my coach that I could actually be running with track, I now have school, track till four, a brief 2 hours to rest/eat until six, and then go to stage crew until 10 at night. That should be a good time.

I have found that being back stage and working everything provides a very nice relief from reality, and I just focus on what needs to be done and enjoy myself, so at this point, going to stage crew is the best part of my day. I haven’t had any time to read like I usually do, and I can no longer read before I go to bed due to exhaustion, a feeling that is settling deeper within me with every passing day this week. And to think, I probably can’t sleep in this weekend thanks to track. Hooray for being active! *cough*

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