So I need to build a radio. For one of my projects coming up, I am doing the man Guglielmo Marconi, the man credited with inventing the radio. It would be able to get started on this thing, except I need a Germanium Diode which isn’t what you would call readily available at your local Radio Shack, so I am going to need to order me some of them so I can get them radio waves pumpin’. Sorry for the sudden burst of hipster that went on there, it’s just that I am very tired, but I needed to get on my computer to get these things ordered, so I was like, hey, why not get a blog in at 10:30. The eternal question. I would also like to point out that I believe that this is going to be my 60th post, so feel free to go waaayyy back to the good ol’ days when this blog began, and reminisce in the sketchy writings of a teenage boy. Well, gonna do that sleeping thing now, so goodnight internet.

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