So yesterday was the first show! I believe we sold out on the FIRST night, which is outstanding, and everything went rather smoothly backstage, except for the fact that we ran out of carbon dioxide for the transformation of the beast into the prince, so we relied only on the blinding lights for that, so hopefully we get some more for tonight’s show. Had a pretty late night after the show, and it didn’t think it would really help that I had track at 9 this morning, but it seems so have made me feel better, as running usually does.

So one of my friends was driving me to go out to eat with stage crew before the show yesterday (I have spent a ridiculous amount of money this week) and while we are driving, I get a call from one of my other friend. I answer the phone, and I believe he asked me where I was and if I could give him a ride somewhere. It turns out, he thought his dog was dying. So I am sitting in this car, and I have just been asked to help my friend save his dying dog, but although I asked, the driver didn’t really seem that interested, but you can bet that if I were driving, I would have gone there as soon as possible. He said he had some luck getting one of his neighbors help him, but I have yet to hear how it turned out. I felt really bad about it, but it was out of my control, so hopefully everything went well.

I will begin to construct my radio today. I have accumulated that parts, even the germanium diode which we found in a kid’s radio construction set, and I am ready. I want nothing more than to hear the sweet sound of AM radio blazing through the mini amp, so wish me luck!

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