You know, I have been considering this whole carpe diem thing, and I have come to a conclusion: carpe diem is to much work. I know this seems kind of odd to say, but I think life should be varied. Life is like a fruit salad. Wait, no, what am I even saying right now. Lets just assume it is some sort of mixture that is made up of other parts. I personally think being completely chill and laid back about things, but still caring and getting things done is the way to go, and how I feel like I am living a majority of my life right now. I can’t really stand when people stress out ALL the time, especially about school. It is alright to let your emotions and stress slip every once in awhile, but please, don’t be that kid that goes way to hard in school and is vocal about it. It is extremely important to keep good grades, and with that, comes a ton of stress, like doing a project in one night (*cough*… why am I blogging) but don’t let the stress get to you, and use it to build a foundation for a better work ethic, and to become the master of your own stress. I will give you an example: So I mentioned before how I was building that radio. I built a radio over this past weekend, and worked on it for hours on end, but to no avail. Buzzkill #1. So, seeing that I wasn’t getting anywhere with that, I build another radio. It doesn’t work. Buzzkill #2… work ethic and morale is at an all time low. I will not lie when I say that last night was one of the hardest nights for me this year, school wise. Doing nothing but build and trouble shoot a radio for 7 hours, and not have it work, along with getting 5 hours of sleep the next day was very stressing, not to mention that the project’s original intent was to learn about a person, not find multiple ways how not to build a radio. I have also found that sleep kills most of my stress over night, and it is hard for me to stay in a bad mood for very long. Joking around also helps tremendously. Needless to say, my emotions were shattered last night, but when talking to this kid in networking today, I came up with a nice little saying. When it comes to dealing with stress, your mind is like a muscle. You have to work out your stress and tear that muscle every once in awhile in order for to overcome it more easily.

I will leave you from this quote that I particularly liked: Its not stress that kills us, it is our reaction to it. -Hans Seyle. So remember, in times of stress, keep it together, stay focused, and always take breaks. Seriously, taking breaks is awesome.

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