So at Stage Crew today… We were just kinda hanging around waiting for the run-through to start and this girl is kind of panicking about something. Turns out, she needs one of her costumes (which happens to be a whisk) from out in front of the stage without the director seeing her. I cant say … More

So I ended up not going to that writing thing after school today, thanks to some special circumstances that include but are not limited to the fact that I have a track meet tomorrow and I probably should go to practice the day before a meet, and because I would have had to do a … More

So I woke up this morning with a feeling that I remember all to well from last year. When school begins to get a bit harder and you have an extremely busy schedule, sleep is a savior. The dream world for me is starting to become a get-away, a temporary relief from reality, so when … More

Well, time is sparse for me. Especially recently, I humbly apologize that I haven’t been on in a LONG time, its just that my schedule literally doesn’t allow me to spend free time on the computer during the weekdays. It is challenging, but fun at the same time, especially stage crew, which I have from … More

Second day of track, and I probably will not be able to walk tomorrow. Yesterday was a nice easy 40 min run that only left me moderately sore today, but to augment my minor pain, we did an hour of running today, probably totaling around 6-7 miles. I probably shouldn’t have ran that much on … More

The snow is back. We were tempted into a warmer train of thought no less than a week ago when the temperatures scraped the mid 50’s, but now we are getting snow again, and now that I am driving, I can see why snow can be a nuisance to people. I still like the snow, … More