So yesterday at that track meet… Oh man… needless to say we got whooped. As a team, that is. Some people pulled through and got us a few first places, but other than that, we got beat pretty bad. This week seems to be flying by, luckily, and turning up (yes, I intentionally used turn up there to appeal to my inner hipster) to be very fortunate on my side due to the cancellation of the one test I had this Friday. I got most of my makeup work that I possibly could so far, and now I just have to patiently wait.

I do this thing where I imagine myself a bit later in time, whether it be a few hours, a few minutes, or even a few days, doing something very particular. I set these future events as a sort of short term goals for myself, however petty they may be. For example, I see myself getting into my car tomorrow after the track meet going home. This event is significant because that marks the end of my week. Another example: At Friday Night Magic last Wednesday (Happy belated April Fools, bet I gotcha there) I envisioned myself earlier that day eating a Butterfinger in the store where I was as I sat and waited for the next game to start. The sense of accomplishment was much better than if I would have gone into it without setting a goal, so therefore there must be some method to my madness. I know, I know, its pretty stupid, but I love it, because with how bland things can get at times, it adds some spice.

Well, gonna go download ESO now!!! Just download… I wouldn’t want to mess up my plans that I’ve had for a long time now, plus I actually have a few things to do, and once you go into the event horizon that is a new video game, it is very difficult to come out of.

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