The ESO marathon continues to truck on. I started a bit last night, slept, woke up around 8-9, and have been playing with short breaks ever since. So far, I like what Bethesda has done with the game, and I suspect it will only get better as I climb up into higher levels. I recommend this game to anyone who… well… anyone who breathes, as it really is a phenomenal game, if your computer can handle it.

The majority of my friends set off last night for Nashville for their band trip, and I must say, it is rather lonesome. Who’s going to go get whooped with me at Friday Night Magic tonight?

Oh yes, and a special thanks to +Jonathan Liberatore for that eloquent excerpt last night. Although it was of the most grand vocalizations, I am sorry to say that blogs, however interesting, are not meant to be read aloud for the mere fact that it is not in a presentation format. That is like using ceremonial weapons for battle. I do appreciate it though, so thank you.

Well, hope that you guys ( +Zachary Schuller+Andrew Wertz, and +Mike Pigoni ) are having fun! Bring me back a lasso while your at it!

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