I guess I sort of went into practice today waiting for some sort of talk about how I should have been at practice Friday and Saturday. When my coach asked me where I was Friday, I was straight up honest with him; I looked into his eyes and said “I took a day off”. He kinda gave me that shaking of the head look and told me it was very important for me to be there for the intervals we were doing, to which I  could not argue with, but I enjoyed my day off, and everyone needs a day off sometime. Then there was the thing about Saturday. I told my coach how I won a total of $100, $50 cash and $50 in a gift card, and he looks at me with deadly seriousness and says “I can’t let you run anymore”. He claimed that since I accepted the $50 cash (I had not yet received the $50 gift card) I can no longer participate in school activities because I was now a “semi-professional athlete”. I tried to crack him, but he was still serious, and for the rest of the practice I went thinking that I couldn’t run anymore. I was never aware of this rule, I mean, there was a little 5k hometown PTA race, and first place got a prize, so I didn’t think it was a big deal, but he claimed it was. He finally confessed to me that he was kidding the entire time upon which I threw my hacky-sack at him in jest, upon which I missed, upon which you get the point. I was relieved to find out my school-athlete career wasn’t over, and it really did make me appreciate how great school sports are. Later, I was waiting in my school’s lobby after practice waiting for my brother to be done with volleyball, and the lady approaches me with the gift card, which I told her to give to someone else, because $50 cash was plenty for this race, which it really was. Nothing like a little bit of that I-will-never-run-again-in-my-life-for-my-school-feeling to spice up your day.

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