You know, it really is a bit disappointing that I can’t wear a letter-man jacket. Let me rephrase that: Its disappointing that I look like a complete dufus  wearing a letter-man jacket. The massive shoulders on the jackets originally made for huge beefy guys doesn’t exactly look that great when they come up to your ears, and the largeness of the jacket overall doesn’t work well for me at all. I have yet another sports banquet tonight for swimming, where I will be getting my 5th letter, but sadly, there is that problem with the jacket, so I just kinda put the pin on the letter and let it sit there. I guess it doesn’t really matter if I get a jacket or not, its kind of like a class ring, more of a vanity item to show off that you did well in a sport or had a specific accomplishment, which would be nice, but something that I would rather get in college. Who knows, though, maybe all of my training over the summer will facilitate some muscle growth. Anyways… Its going to be nice to be reunited with the swim family, especially the seniors, for one last night, and not to mention the food. Gotta love banquet food.

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