Making important decisions kinda sucks.

Especially when all you can think about is how close summer is. I have the opportunity to take these college classes starting next year and through my senior year, so when I get to colleges that accept this class’s credits, I will be a few steps ahead. There is a catch, though: The classes would be starting next year when school starts, I believe, and then EVERY SINGLE SATURDAY MORNING until I graduate. That’s the info I got, and I’m still not sure if that’s right, because that is a ton of work. My schedule for next school year is already going to be a minor form of mental rape (pun not originally intended), but to throw this into the pot would be as close as I am going to get to going insane during high school. This is a marvelous opportunity, but I am not the best at making decisions, so I’m not so sure about this yet.
The weather here has been absolutely wonderful the past few days, but wait, what’s that? A massive cold front with a good chance of sleet and snow? Absurd! Not in western PA folks, not in western PA.

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