Ya know, waking up at 4:10 to do homework is really a great way to start your day off. The weird part about that statement is that I’m not entirely sure if its sarcastic or not. For example, its 5:54 and I got my needed-to-be-done homework done, and I feel fine, and not to mention accomplished. I think I’m just so tired, it is numbing at this point. Oh well, I guess I should get used to doing this sort of stuff, things are only going to get harder down the road.

So at MAC’s yesterday… I didn’t get my time in the 1 mile, which was really disappointing, but I am kind of over it by now. I have one more chance to get it this Saturday at the 9th and 10th grade invitational, but realistically, I don’t think its gonna happen. What am I saying? How do I expect myself to accomplish anything with that attitude? I will most certainly try to get my time, but I’m not going to be heartbroken if I don’t. That meet is more for fun than anything, and not to mention a great way to see who your age-similar-competition will be for the next few years.

My goal right now: Get through this day. Wish me luck folks.

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