Beaver 10k

Exciting to be able to run in this beautiful area this morning in this perfect weather! Good luck to everybody running the 10k and the 5k!

Memorial Day

Thank you to all veterans out there and those who are currently serving our country! Keep those brave folks who died for our country in your memories today! God bless America!

Fun In Computer Club

Here with special guest +Sarah Walker and Joey Kostial. To our delight, we have discovered that Blogger is not in fact blocked by this computer room’s computer. Greg: Sarah, how do you feel about this up and coming robotic competition? Sarah: I feel hype, oh, I feel so hype. Uh. Greg: Thank you for that enlightening piece … More Fun In Computer Club

Good morning to anyone who is crazy enough to be looking at this blog at 7:33 in the morning on a Sunday! I was over at my friend’s house last night and thought I would go back home to get some decent sleep before church and stuff but I don’t really feel like sleeping for … More

Was back stage before the Grand March and got my bro to take this. This may actually be my favorite picture of all time. Gotta look dapper if you’re workin’ that spotlight!