You will now refer to me as Sergeant Greg Nero from now on, seeing as though I am now… wait for it… Sergeant at Arms for… wait for it… French Club. Pretty hardcore, right? I was going to run for something a little more… useful… but I didn’t really want to run against anybody, and nobody was running for Sergeant at Arms, so I just went for it. Its kind of funny how most of these High School positions for most clubs don’t really offer a ton of power and responsibility, its more of just a title. That’s the great thing about it, though, almost no responsibilities.

I have to write an entrance exam essay to be accepted into AP English 11 next year. I am planning on starting it tonight, but we will see where my homework takes me. Just a few more weeks, and vacation will be here. I can honestly say I can’t wait.

As you probably guessed, I did not make it to WPIALs. I got my personal best time, however, at a 10:26 for the 2 mile, which sets me up to not only go under 10:00 next year, but also to go to WPIALs. Twas a great season, but now its on to training for cross, something I have been waiting a long time for.

Wish me luck as I tackle this essay, and if you aren’t doing an essay, well, that is a bittersweet sort of deal, as an essay is an opportunity, and an opportunity is a way to advance. Wise words probably from some old school philosopher.

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