Boston: Day 7

Well, ’tis the last academic day at Envision here in Boston, and I must say, I’m rather sad it’s over. It has taught me a plethora of new skills, both in the field of Engineering and Technology, as well as things relating to college and how to start the tedious process of applications. I’ve also … More Boston: Day 7

Boston: Day 6

It’s curious how going to a Leadership Conference makes me realize how stupidly shy I am in real life. I am one of those kids who hardly ever speaks out around people I don’t know, and I feel like I am missing out somehow by not participating. The funny part is that I want to … More Boston: Day 6

Boston: Day 4

No pictures for today, mostly because we didn’t leave campus and I had a day packed with lectures, and since I am having 15 hour days (7am-10pm) it can get rather exhausting. The lectures were rather intetesting, despite the general consensus, but sitting through one after another can get tedious. Get to visit the Quincy … More Boston: Day 4

Boston: Day 1

Been a great time so far here at Olin College of Engineering! Discovered that I am not the best at making friends by any means, but we will see what this week has in store for me!

Void Space

Check out this great game that has been in development for quite awhile by checking out this video or going to this link. Please help support this soon-to-be hit!