It really is peculiar how some of the most tragic events sift out meanings that would otherwise be left amiss.

Someone in our family just passed away, in a car accident, due to something that I have not yet been informed of. I didn’t know him all that well, despite how close he lived to us, but the rest of my family did. He was my mom’s first cousin’s husband, so he wasn’t in my immediate family, but you can see how close he was to the theoretical trunk in my mom’s family tree. Anyways…
I began to notice a pattern when horrible things like this happen: When there is disaster in the family, that is the time family from out of state and such begin to come in. This is completely logical, but think about it. Something awful like a death unites the family. It makes you wonder why families don’t come together as much as they should before something like this happens, before the chance to spend time with family in good spirit is swept away by a death, especially one that is unexpected. 
We are all subjected to these scenarios, however. We don’t spend time with family as much as we should, and that is just a fact we are thrust into by this day and age. Technology, friends, and plans are all culprits in this scheme, and we are all victims. That is life, I suppose. The important thing is that you learn from experience and improve upon the multitude of flaws that exist in all of us.
Dealing with sadness is like a muscle: Unless exercised, it is weak.

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