Week-Long Extravaganza

*Lights…*  *Camera…*   *Ac….-AAAACHOOO!*   *Sniffle, sorry…*   *ACTION!!*

Yessir-e folks, the week-long extravaganza!

+Mike Pigoni
+Tony R
+Logan Palochak… no Google plus… tisk tisk.
+Zachary Schuller
+Andrew Wertz

A week of nothing but hanging out and playing games that includes but is not limited to:

 Magic: The Gathering
 Settlers of Catan
 Dungeons & Dragons

Seven days of games, chillin’, and spending time with friends!

Come back this Saturday up until next Friday for exclusive access to all things Week-Long-Extravaganza-ish. That’s right. Take that grammar.

Note: Due to graduation parties on Saturday and Sunday, coverage may not be available. Sorry. If interested, scroll down a bit to find out how I feel about graduation parties.

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