It begins tomorrow folks! The Week-Long Extravaganza is upon us, ushered in by a Friday the 13th full moon. The prophets foretold of this day, for ’twas meant to be. Preparing myself to live out of my car for a few days, which I actually think I will enjoy. Just throw a few shirts and other clothing items in, and BAM, you’re good to go. To make things even more exciting, my trip to Boston for the Engineering and Technology camp is directly after the Week-Long Extravaganza, so I will will not be home for quite a bit. Very exciting times indeed.

Well, my power might go out any minute due to this awesome storm, so if you are stuck inside right now in western PA, I hope you have access to some sort of book or non-electronic game, because chances are good that power will be fluctuating. Best of luck.

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