Week-long Challenge #2- Intro

Its back and (might be) better than ever! Yes folks, the week-long challenge. Your probably wondering, what is this sorcery, and why can’t I cast it yet? (If you get it, chuckle for the people that didn’t) Well, in a brief overview, the week-long challenge is pretty much a week where I write about things […]

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So I leave for vacation tomorrow to the wondrous OBX, NC. I haven’t really done much packing, as I usually don’t, which kind of bothers me since I feel like I need more than I have, but for the most part, I’m a simple person to pack for: Shorts, t-shirts, all of that fun stuff, […]

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A card that gets out of hand fast if not taken care of, especially for decks that run a ton of burn spells. Even more annoying in team games. Not a huge red player, but you don’t have to be to see this is a great card.

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Tome Scour

In light of the Dimir Mill deck being made, I figured I might as well feature another one of my personal favorites. If I had to describe trolling in Magic: The Gathering, this card would be one of them, since it’s rather powerful for only 1 blue, and you can get pretty lucky in terms […]

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Penta Kill!!

Played with someone who got a Penta Kill earlier. I felt like she was going to get it, so I just kind of had my camera ready, since the rarity of this event is extreme. Go Heimerdinger!

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Dimir Mill Deck

Just whipped up a Dimir Mill deck based around card advantage and defender creatures. Hopefully it’s decent but who cares if it’s decent? The point of a mill deck, at least in my case, is to have fun, and if I win then that’s even better.

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Detention Sphere

Another one of my Azorius favorites, a card that is excellent for removal of all kinds, except of course Detention Sphere itself. If needed, also, great for taking out large quantities of tokens of the same name.

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M15 Draft

Went 2/1 in a 3 round tournament with a Golgari deck, and pulled another Soul of New Phyrexia from one of the packs,  so a great night all in all.

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