Cheese of the Day

Everyone deserves to know this. Thank you good sir.

Escape! Escape!

Emmental cheese.

Not many of you have heard of this, but you’ve definitely had some variety of it before. It was first produced in Emmental, Switzerland. While this does not immediately make it “Swiss” cheese for all of you, *pompous sniff* unrefined Americans, it is in fact, what is widely known as Swiss cheese. Yellow, medium-hard cheese, with lots of holes.

But here’s the thing – cheese isn’t supposed to have holes. The reason for “hole-y” Swiss cheese is a negligence of the Emmental cheesemaking process. Holes occur when one of the three varieties of bacteria used in the cheese emits carbon dioxide, enough CO2 to form a bubble. Traditionally the cheese is meant to be pressed to remove the holes, as they’re considered poor work. BUT NOT ANY MORE.

And that brings us to our word of the day: skeuomorph. A thing that serves no functional purpose but…

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