Are Rules Made to be Broken?

So earlier today when I was raking hay, I started thinking about this for some reason, and I decided that I agree with the statement: rules are made to be broken.

Imagine a perfect society, a utopia I believe is a technical name for it, in which everything is orderly, everyone behaves, and everyone gets along. I know, its a stretch.

So, in this cooperative society, there would be no need for rules: Nobody wants to gain power or money, or get revenge, or do anything that would in some way be harmful to another party, hence the rules are gone.

But say there was a bad guy, just one. Or maybe for example purposes its some sort of gang. The Lemon Gang. A sour bunch of bad guys that like to cause trouble. Say one day, a behaved fellow utopian is pulling into a parking lot and needs a spot close to the building for his grandmother in the back, but what is this? The Lemons took it! What fiends! This kind man politely asks them to leave, but they will not back down, so he goes to the town leader, who won the position with no competition and 100% of the votes, and he makes a RULE that reserves the closest spots to buildings for elderly or disabled, lets just call them handicap spots for example purposes. This havoc with the Lemon Gang continues, and more rules and are made to stop them, and then people are appointed to stop these shenanigans and then: a government forms.

And thus we reach the point: As long as you have an imperfect society, which I can safely say we do, there will be rules, and those rules are founded upon the principal that someone will break them because there will always be someone out there who has a self motivated drive to break such rules. Unless the society is perfect, rules are made to act as a barrier between those who seek to do evil, and those who want peace and prosperity to prevail. The conflict will continue until everybody agrees, but we might as well just rewrite the laws of the universe if we ever want to change that.

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