Alternate Situation Syndrome

Before you read any further, please note Alternate Situation Syndrome is probably not a real thing and there is probably a fancy term for what it actually is, so don’t use this as a source for a report! 😉

Anyways, Alternate Situation Syndrome… oh gosh… I was about to write the abbreviation for that, but I will refrain. That was not intended.

Moving on: What is it? I can share an example. Say you are out to eat. You go to a nice local pub to get some wings and french fries and relax with a few friends. While you are sitting there, you start to go into a daze and wonder what would happen if something were to occur at that moment, different from the current moment, and if in the infinite probability of our universe, it will happen. All of a sudden a car flies through an adjacent wall and inside of it are… lemons… just lemons. Small birds hatch from what you though were the lemons and fly through were the gap where the wall was.

That was an example of one that breaks the rules of logic, and well, the rules of nature in general, but just imagine how sick lemon birds would be.

Another example: You are driving at night, and you happen to live out along the back roads of your township. You are going a bit above the speed limit like you usually do, until you see it: A series of events goes through your head that go something like this: fast + deer + car = not good. You realize that going a bit slower isn’t going to kill you and might save a lot of mayhem for you and your family, so you decrease your speed.

That was a more practical example, one that happened to me last night. I just realized I do this quite a bit, always imagining what something could have been like or if something could have happened.

You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one

– John Lennon

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