Cross Country Camp

So tomorrow I leave for (yes, this exists) Cross Country Camp at Edinboro University. You’re probably thinking

“Why in the world would anyone go to a camp to run!”

That is a excellent question, and one that can’t be answered by anyone but runners, but it is this: for the joy of running. I probably will not be to joyful when its near the end of camp and it looks like I have been charlie horsed by an actual horse, but yet, it will help me in the end.

More than anything, though, I like am looking forward to the camp to meet new people. At the camp I went to in Boston earlier this summer for Engineering and Technology (there are posts from the entire week somewhere in the recesses of my blog) and I met a bunch of cool people, including a kid from India and a girl from Greece, but I don’t think there will be many international students at this one. Just a wild guess.

Also, in addition to meeting new people, I get to experience one of the most interesting things about large groups of teenagers: cliques. There were still cliques at the Boston camp, a camp where you could imagine nerds could live in harmony, but was I backhanded by reality on that one. There were still the “athletic kids” and the “weird kids” and all of these groups that I didn’t think would happen, and when groups form, people are left out, and then more groups form. It really is quite interesting, and if you don’t let yourself be affected by it (which I personally find difficult at some points), you can learn a bunch. But perhaps I am over exaggerating and this was all just something I was perceiving to happen, but who knows. I tend to go insane sometimes, in my own respect.

I still haven’t packed or anything yet, but I pretty much just need running stuff, which is GREAT because in Boston, I needed Professional, Semi-Professional, Semi-Professional Business Casual, Casual with a Semi-Business Professional Casual Flare (I am being facetious now) and also the all encompassing genre of that kind of clothing: uncomfortable.

Hopefully I can learn as much as possible, not only about running but about the real world (a subject I feel I don’t know enough about) and get all that I can out of this experience.

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