Social Situations: Teenage Blogging

Ever since August of 2013, the time I birthed my first ever blog post, there has been mixed feelings about blogging from my peers. What I have found, and this seems to be true for most people I talk to, is that when I tell people that I have my own website, and it is a personal blog, they seem to be taken back a bit.


Because teenagers usually don’t have blogs. Blogs like this, at least. Tumblr and other social “blogs” are a bit related, but I feel like there is something that separates them. Blogging for the most part, at least in the WordPress community, is dominated by people who are older and more experienced than someone like me, so making a name/image for myself in the inter-realm is a challenge. Making connections is even harder, since I know no one else my age that WordPress blogs, and meeting other bloggers online that are older than me is tough due to the age difference.

So where do I go?

This seems to be the question. What do I do with this blog? How do I make a name for myself? What is the purpose of it all? I feel like it revolves around this quote:

The pen is mightier than the sword. – Edward Bulwer-Lytton

Or in this case, the keyboard. It is difficult in this world to be heard, especially for those no-good swag-yoloing teenagers who like to cause havoc and chaos. AKA myself, obviously. This blog is a way to share my opinions, a way to strengthen my writing skills, and above all, an odd and somewhat slanted way of having fun.

Write on 😉


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