So I leave for vacation tomorrow to the wondrous OBX, NC. I haven’t really done much packing, as I usually don’t, which kind of bothers me since I feel like I need more than I have, but for the most part, I’m a simple person to pack for: Shorts, t-shirts, all of that fun stuff, throw some toiletries and a few swim related items in there and I’m pretty much set as far as core needs are concerned. I have made it my personal goal to watch the sunrise at least once when I’m there, as well as try not to get stung by any jellyfish, those scheming little creatures. Bah, just thinking of them gives me chills.

I also plan on finishing the Scarlet Letter before I return, which will probably fill up a large portion of my time in the car. I’m not extremely great with car rides, especially towards the end of the trip. After awhile the drone of the car riding along the road gives me a feeling of deafness, and I usually start to sweat from… something or another for some reason. I think its because I’m actually going insane for a few hours. We will see, though.

Hopefully I can get some good pics, or as good of pictures I can get with my phone’s camera, which is pretty quality most of the time. Well, time to continue packing, aka eating, walking around aimlessly, and somewhat getting things together that are related to packing.

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