Week-long Challenge #2- Intro

Its back and (might be) better than ever! Yes folks, the week-long challenge. Your probably wondering, what is this sorcery, and why can’t I cast it yet? (If you get it, chuckle for the people that didn’t) Well, in a brief overview, the week-long challenge is pretty much a week where I write about things that are laid out in this fancy-shmancy intro here, and if you see a topic you like or might even moderately enjoy reading about, then come on back that day and quench your thirst for an article. The term “challenge” comes from when I was back on my first blog when I wasn’t as experienced so it was quite the challenge for me to pull things out of my butt and write about them, but its a good thing we have standardized test to strengthen those skills. There has been only one other week-long challenge besides this on this blog, but if you want to check that out (totally should) just go up to that cool search bar in the top left margin there and search: “week-long challenge” and you can see what this is all about. Here is the outlook:

Friday: What Kind of Animal Am I?

Saturday: The Car Crash

Sunday: Music Interests

Monday: Career Interests 

Tuesday: An Over-Detailed Description of Brushing Your Teeth

Wednesday: Lifeguarding Experiences

Thursday: Writer’s Block

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