Fun Fact

So I am currently having some sore throat issues and I remember the term “post nasal drip” being thrown around in the doctor’s office, so I went to do some research and I was greeted by this comforting fact: Every day, glands in the lining of your nose, throat, airways, stomach, and intestinal tract produce […]

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Just a fun card in general. Great for planning ahead and getting that “are you serious” look from your opponents. Priceless.

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 I find this so funny you don’t even understand

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    Only 24 more days until Khans of Tarkir     *Don’t remind me*

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Blog Analysis

So today, I was thinking about my blog (what a shocker) and I realized how much it has changed since I first started. When I first became a blog owner, I would have never though I would have gotten to this point, not only with content, but with pageviews and visitors and all this stuff […]

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